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7 Steps to Have a Safe Backup of Water Storage

We all have witnessed Sandy storm. When an emergency hits, water is the most important thing to have on hand. You should have at least 1 gallon of water stored for each family member/day. Here are some easy tips to store your own water at home. By following these steps, you can insure that your family will have uncontaminated water supply to drink when it is needed most.

Step 1: The Container
Drink the contents of a plastic soda, juice or water bottle.
Do not use plastic milk or juice jugs, as these plastics absorb sugars and bacteria that can contaminate your water supply. Do not use cardboard containers as they will begin to break down if kept for long time.
Glass containers can be used, but they are not the best option as they can easily be broken and are quite heavy.

Step 2: Wash Container
Wash the empty plastic container with dish soap and warm water. Double check that all of the soap contents are completely rinsed from the container.

Step 3: Bleach
Put 1/4th of the water into each bottle and add 1 tea-spoon of non-scented Chlorine bleach to the the bottle.

Step 4: Sanitize
Put the lid on the bottle and shake well, ensuring that the sanitized water has touched all of the interior surfaces.

Step 5: Freshen
Dump out the sanitizing water and then rinse out the inside of the bottle with fresh water. Fill the water container all the way to the top with tap water. if your tap water is not treated with Chlorine, then add 2 drops of non-scented Chlorine bleach to the container.

Step 6: Seal
Tightly seal the bottle with the original cap (which should have been sanitized as you were shaking up the bottle in step 4).

Step 7: Note Down the Date
Write the date on the outside of the bottle. You are done!

After every 6 months, dump out the water and start the entire process from step 3.